Stage 2 COVID-19 restrictions

As you may be aware the Premier, Mark McGowan, has announced that from 18 May Stage 2 COVID-19 restrictions will apply in Western Australia. This will allow many businesses to open including cafes and entertainment venues but will limit the number of patrons to 20 with social distancing requirements including a separation of 1.5m between people and 4 sq m of space per person within an indoor venue. Places of worship are also permitted to open with similar restrictions.

I received a memo from the Archbishop's office yesterday, outlining what parishes are permitted to do under the relaxed restrictions. The Archbishop notes that the circumstances of individual parishes are very different, and that individual parishes are free to decide their response within the guidelines. Parishes intending to re-open must also submit a COVID Safety Plan to the Government authority before doing so.

It is clearly important to prepare carefully for any changes we make, and I have asked the Wardens to meet with me early next week to consider how we will respond to the Stage 2 restrictions in this parish. I will notify all members of the parish once our response has been finalised.

Fr Evan


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