Saturday afternoon service at All Saints

When we resumed face-to-face weekly services on Sunday 7 June I advised that under our COVID plan in accordance with government restrictions we were able to accommodate a maximum of 20 people in All Saints Church (as well as the two people in the sanctuary). This was in order to facilitate both the 1.5m physical distancing and the 2 sq m space requirements. It is important to re-iterate that these requirements have not changed, and at this stage we do not know when they might change.

In order to ensure that anyone who wished to worship at All Saints as able to do so, I introduced a 4.00 pm Saturday afternoon service at All Saints in addition to the usual Sunday morning service.

However, I have noticed over the last few weeks attendance at the Saturday afternoon service has dwindled with a marked reduction in numbers when the timeslot was changed to 5.00pm. The timeslot will need to be advanced further as the season progresses because the church will otherwise be uncomfortably warm. However, if there are insufficient numbers attending this service it will need to be discontinued.

In this case there will be only one service at All Saints, at 7.30am on Sunday morning, however the hard limit on the number of worshippers permitted cannot be altered under the current conditions. This will mean we will need to return to RSVPs being required, and those unable to attend at All Saints will be asked to attend the 10.00 am service at St Mary's.

It would be good to receive feedback or ideas before the end of October.

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