Parish Finances update

Over the last three weeks the Diocese has been investigating its eligibility to apply for the Government’s JobKeeper subsidy amounting to $1500 per fortnight for all eligible employees. The purpose of the subsidy to to ensure as many people as possible are able to be retained by organisations that may otherwise be forced to lay off workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

As I have previously shared, the parish finances have been affected by the outbreak mainly through the loss of hall rental and income from fundraising. Diocese has announced today however that the JobKeeper application has been successful. This means Diocese will receive $1500 pf for each member of clergy and lay employee currently employed. Employees normally receiving less than $1500 per fortnight (eg those employed part-time) will receive the full amount of the subsidy. Parishes will be credited with the difference (ie. for full-time clergy parishes will receive the full $1500 benefit, for part-time employees parishes will receive a benefit up to the amount normally paid).

The subsidy is backdated to the beginning of April and extends until late September, so will be important in ensuring the parish is able to remain financially viable.


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