Getting Ready for Holy Week

Holy Week is coming, and we need to do some preparation to make it special!

For kids: I found this resource for Grades 1-5 age kids - follow the Holy Week journey from Palm Sunday to the resurrection with a colouring-in flip-book. It can be downloaded for $3.00 US from

Palm/Passion Sunday 5 April

Unfortunately we will not be able to make and distribute palm crosses for parishioners because of COVID19 restrictions. However the good news is that you can easily make your own! Attached to this message is a pictorial set of instructions I downloaded from Pinterest - there are many more out there but this is the one I remember from previous years. If you can make palm crosses for your own household prior to the day, in our Palm Sunday service I will be asking you to hold up your palm cross for a blessing. An alternative to a palm cross is to make a cross from paper or cardboard and decorate it - there are easy-to-follow instructions you can follow with kids here:

Stop press: This one is even easier - I just made my first two palm crosses ever!!

This beautiful Palm Sunday prayer corner was made by Eva Dunwell - thanks for sharing it with us Eva!

Maundy Thursday 9 April

Within the service there will be time for the washing of hands - if you have a bowl and towel and a small jug of water with you while you are listening to the service, watching the images and reading the words of the liturgy we will together pour water over our hands as an act of (virtual) service to one another. If you are worshipping as a household you can pour water over one another's hands.

Good Friday

We will be doing a Stations of the Cross - listen to the reflection while you contemplate the images for each station. This will conclude with a short period of meditation accompanied by music and the image of the cross.

Easter Day

Have a candle available as you tune into the service so you can participate with the lighting of the new fire. Also have an Easter egg available for each member of the household and we will bless these as symbols of the new life that our risen Lord gives us.

I wish you every blessing during these last couple of weeks of Lent as we prepare the celebrate the solemn and joyful mysteries of holy Week and Easter.

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