Annual Meeting of Parishioners

The Parish Governance Statute stipulates that the Annual Meeting of parishes in the Diocese of Perth must be held in May or June each year. Normally I prefer to schedule the meeting around mid-June to give plenty of time to attend to processes such as the finalisation of financial reports.

This year there is the additional factor that face-to-face meetings cannot be held as the number of enrolled parishioners exceeds the allowable number under the current COVID-19 restrictions (and also the Stage 2 restrictions being implemented from 18 May). I have received a letter from the Diocesan Secretary, Mr Keith Stephens, who advises that given the circumstances permission can be sought from the Archbishop to hold a Special Meeting later in the year instead of the scheduled Annual Meeting. A copy of this letter is below:

In consultation with the Wardens I have decided to defer the Annual Meeting as suggested. I will make application to hold a Special Meeting as soon as restrictions are sufficiently eased, but in the meantime all parish office-bearers including Parish Councillors, Wardens, Nominators of Clergy and Independent Examiners will continue in office. I will give the usual four weeks notice of the Meeting as specified in s. 24 of the Parish Governance Statute, and at that time will seek nominations for office-bearers. There will also be opportunity at that time for any parishioners who are not yet enrolled members of the parish to make application.

Stop Press: This morning (Fri 14th) I received a memo from the Archbishop advising that the third session of the 50th Synod scheduled for 9-11 October 2020 has also been postponed.

Fr Evan

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