A Service for Easter Day

Good morning and welcome to our service.

The audio service includes the homily and intercessions - if you wish to read the homily later you can find it on my sermon blog at https://parishnews.postach.io/post/opening-audio-and-video-linkshttps://pedericksermons.postach.io.

Scrolling down this page you will first find a video link to the Lighting of the Paschal Candle. You may wish to have your own candle on the table in front of you and light it at the same time.

Scrolling further down the page you will see the link to click to start the audio service playing, and a scroll box so you can follow the text and images for the service. Below this you will see a selection of hymns (from YouTube) that you might like to play either before or after the service. At the very bottom of the page you will find a comments box - this can be used for posting prayers, praise or encouragement for the whole congregation!

Following the service there is also a link to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar - which we are able to watch for free on YouTube this weekend only due to the composer's generosity.

Begin Service:
The Lighting of the Paschal Candle:

Click the arrow below to start the service recording:

While the service is playing you can follow the text and images in the scroll-box below:

Text from A Prayer Book for Australia (Sydney: Broughton Books, 1995) © 1995, The Anglican Church of Australia Trusts Corporation. Psalm texts are from The Liturgical Psalter, Inclusive Language Version © David L. Frost, John A. Emerton, Andrew A. Macintosh, used with permission.

Giving to the Anglican Parish of Swan:
Many of our parish members already give their regular pledge to the parish by direct debit, and this generosity is vital in keeping the parish financially viable during these difficult times. Thank you!

If you have not already commenced giving by direct debit but would like to do so, you can use the following details:

Bank: Anglican Community Fund
BSB: 706001
Account Number: 30006999
Account Name: Swan Parish
Reference: Offering

A "one-off" donation by credit card can be made to support the parish by clicking here: https://tithe.ly/give?c=728108


The following hymns have been chosen because they go with the theme of our service this Sunday. They are made available from YouTube so you can either sing along or just watch and listen. You might want to sing one or two before and the others after you play the audio service.

TIS361 The day of resurrection

TIS382 Now the green blade rises

TIS380 Yours be the glory, risen, conquering Son

TIS390 Alleluia alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord

Jesus Christ Superstar:

The full stage show by Andrew Lloyd Webber can be viewed free of charge this weekend only at https://youtu.be/GpO4ohqx3os

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